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Jan 28

When Rock Deschaine, a trucking industry pro, decided to expand his freight brokerage business, he knew he needed two things to grow: agents and scalable broker technology. As an ex-Marine, Rock knew where to look for agent trainees with can-do attitudes: the Wounded Warriors Project. Deschaine has brought on two independent agents and anticipates having 10 by year’s end. See how he’s growing his business while helping disabled veterans support their families—and using best-of-breed broker technology. [More]

Jan 26

Heavy snow and ice in the Northeast could have many in the trucking industry feeling déjà vu, as winter storms in the same region wreaked havoc on the nation’s supply chain not so long ago.This most recent storm shouldn’t have as drastic an effect on freight movements, though, as a few things should mitigate the impact.

Jan 22

Declining oil prices affect truckers' operating costs and revenue, but there is also an impact on cargo types. New regional trends are emerging, and Houston is enjoying a boom in freight for vans and reefers as well as flatbeds.

4 Jan 19

Spot market freight surged last year, and the increased demand for transportation contributed to rising rates throughout 2014. Higher rates, lower fuel costs and continued strong demand led carriers to expand fleet operations, and Class 8 truck sales are soaring. Is it time for you grow your fleet, too?

Jan 16

Industry pioneer KLLM Transport Services has been one of the country’s leading temperature-controlled carriers for more than 50 years. KLLM also helped set a trend with the launch of its in-house brokerage in 2008, creating a new revenue stream that didn't require investing in expensive equipment. Carriers have been the fastest growing brokering segment ever since.

2 Jan 12

The trucking industry celebrated a victory in December when Congress and the President approved a spending bill that included a rollback of the most controversial Hours of Service rules. When new HOS regulations went into effect July 1, 2013, they were estimated to reduce productivity by 3 to 5 percent. But brokers shouldn’t assume that capacity will magically return to pre-July-2013 levels as a result of the HOS rollback. Here’s why.

Jan 12

Low gas and diesel prices have led U.S. oil companies to cancel new exploration and drilling. That means energy-related cargo is waning. On the other hand, low fuel prices have left more cash in consumers' pockets, and they're spending it on goods -- including autos. Single-family homes could be next, with renewed construction starting in Q2. Expect freight volume and rates to rise in key Southeast markets, especially Charlotte.

Jan 08

For most brokers, your most valuable asset is your reputation. A good reputation takes years to build and maintain. Unfortunately, undoing that reputation can happen quite quickly. Here are suggestions on how you can manage and improve your online reputation.

Jan 06

When capacity is tight, brokers and 3PLs need to think outside the box to secure the trucks they need at a price they can afford. If you’re still working with a spreadsheet and word processor, you may not realize that transportation management software (TMS) provides tools to help you find carriers when and where you need them. Check out our 7 tips on how you can use a TMS to find capacity in unexpected places.

Dec 30

The most popular articles of 2014 on the DAT Freight Talk focused either on trucking industry regulations or on trends in freight rates -- or both. Here's a look in the rear-view mirror at the past year's hot topics.