May 17

You pride yourself on using the latest technology. Yet, when it comes to onboarding a new carrier, are you still using fax technology from the 1980s?

A new version of DAT's carrier onboarding product simplifies the process for both brokers and carriers. DAT OnBoard™ is the only commercially available onboarding software where carriers can complete the entire process using a mobile device. That means carriers can onboard wherever they are, using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Here are 7 advantages of using DAT OnBoard:

1. No need to re-type information - Brokers don't have to transfer information from a hand-written hard copy because carriers type their profile directly into the OnBoard system. Profile information includes the lanes they run, fleet size, insurance agent, and tax information. DAT then validates the W9 tax info with the IRS.

DAT OnBoard

2. Works with your TMS - Carrier profile information in DAT OnBoard can be uploaded directly to your transportation management software, without having to re-input the data.

3. 50,000 carriers already signed up – More than 50,000 carriers have already set up their profiles in DAT’s onboarding system. These carriers can share their profiles with any broker using DAT OnBoard.  

4. Maintains your company's branding – Your company gets a personalized website on DAT, which includes your company logo, custom messages to your carriers, and your contracts with full version control.

5. Carriers can onboard anywhere – Smaller carriers and owner-operators often have to wait until they reach the nearest truck stop to fax or email paperwork to a broker. With DAT OnBoard, they can input information on their smartphone or tablet.

6. No fax needed with electronic signatures - Carriers sign your contracts electronically, eliminating the need for a fax machine.

7. Affordable for any sized brokerage - Onboarding software custom-built for your company can cost thousands of dollars to design, plus monthly fees. DAT OnBoard is an affordable alternative. Pricing is based on the number of carriers you need to onboard each month. Packages start at $50 for onboarding up to 50 carriers per month.

With DAT OnBoard, carriers fill out an online profile on the broker's branded site. 

For more information about DAT OnBoard, or to schedule a demo, send us an email or call 800-547-5417.

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