Carriers Find the Most, Highest Paying Loads
  • More loads posted on DAT than any other load board
  • Highest paying loads: carriers on DAT make $1,370 more per truck monthly
  • 82 million loads posted in 2013
  • DAT has loads you won't find on any other load board: 63 million loads posted
    on DAT first or only here in 2013
  • Find the most van, flat, reefer and specialty loads

Brokers Find Trucks and Move Freight Fast
  • Loads are seen by more than 3 times more carriers than any other load board
  • Loads appear on desktops, smartphones, tablets and truck stops nationwide
  • More than 70 equipment types to choose from
  • More than 22 million trucks posted in 2013
  • More than 99 million loads searched by carriers in 2013

Get Rates on the Lanes You Run
  • Spot and contract freight rates based on $24 billion in actual transactions
  • Actual rates being paid to carriers
  • Backhaul rates, plus automatic TriHaul™ suggestions that beat backhaul rates
  • Rates for virtually every lane in the U.S.

Benchmark Spot and Contract Rates
  • Broker-buy rates based on actual transactions
  • Daily lane rates for tens of thousands of lanes
  • 14-day, 30-day, and 13-month rate history for each lane
  • Respond to RFPs in minutes, not days, and negotiate with knowledge

Qualify and Onboard Carriers Fast
  • Monitor authority, CSA scores, and insurance
  • Get automatic alerts for any change in your carriers’ status
  • Sign documents electronically—no fax required
  • Slash onboarding time from hours to minutes

Payment is Guaranteed with DAT Assurance
  • The ONLY load board that guarantees payment
  • If you don't get paid, DAT will help you collect
  • If collection is not successful, we'll pay you ourselves
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