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Broker News

A monthly publication that addresses topical information that brokers use in day-to-day decisions. Read about legal, financial, legislative, seasonal trends or products and services that make your business more efficient. (preview)

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Carrier News

Read about the latest issues that affect carriers, every month. Our newsletter covers regional and seasonal freight discussions, and legal and financial issues that can help you make better business decisions. (preview)

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Trendlines News

Get the inside scoop on national and regional trends that drive the transportation industry, with this weekly analysis of spot market freight availability, capacity and rates derived from the DAT U.S. Freight Index, DAT RateView and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Owner-Operator News *

The Edge

Get The Edge, our news and entertainment publication for owner-operators and small carriers. Find out the latest on where the loads are and what they pay, and get fun tidbits for professional drivers.

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