Helping Brokers Run More Efficiently

DAT Keypoint® provides the most popular transportation management software in the industry. Whether you’re a start-up or enterprise-class business, Keypoint TMS can help you run your company more efficiently and profitably. For nearly 30 years we’ve developed products that meet the unique needs of transportation intermediaries.

Full-Featured Accounting Platform

The software’s robust accounts receivable tool eliminates duplicate data entry and improves cash flow. Tasks such as settling with carriers and handling claims are automated. And, with multiple reporting features, you’ll always have real-time view of your financial outlook.

Operations and Accounting in a Single System

Keypoint consolidates operations and accounting functions with a single-entry system that integrates fully with transportation-industry applications. From order entry to dispatch and tracking, you’ll be able to move more freight without adding staff.

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Manage Important Documents

Keypoint's document management suite expedites all the paperwork that bogs down your business: storing, indexing and retrieving documents, rendition billing, and processing inbound faxes. Digitizing your documents helps save you time, personnel costs and file cabinet space.

Broker TMS Benefits:

Handle operations and accounting with a single-entry system

Control accounting with one full-featured platform

Store, index and retrieve documents instantly

Automate billing and fax processing

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