TMS software: Accounting

Manage Your Finances for Maximum Profit

The full-featured DAT Keypoint® TMS software manages Accounting for transportation functions and your entire business. The suite includes powerful tools for A/R, carrier settlement, general ledger and analytics.

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Accounts Receivable
Eliminate duplicate data entry and improve cash flow
DAT Keypoint TMS software provides all the tools you need to generate, print, post, send, track and report on invoices. The single-entry system means order entry information flows directly into A/R, while open invoice and credit limit data flow back to Operations.

Carrier Settlements
Settle trips and handle claims quickly and accurately
Settling with carriers and handling claims are a necessary part of the business—a part you can simplify by automating it. DAT Keypoint flows Operations information automatically into Carrier Settlement screens, improving efficiency and accuracy. 

General Ledger
Always see your financial outlook in real time
Get a real-time view of your finances—everything from transportation expenses and revenues to your rent and phone bill. Robust reporting includes flexible financial statements you can run for a week, a month, a quarter, or a year, and compare to any other period.

Make sure your brokerage measures up
To maximize your company’s performance, you need facts and figures at your fingertips. DAT Keypoint offers every report you need to evaluate the profitability of customers, carriers and brokers, and improve performance across the board.

"We chose DAT Keypoint because it was designed specifically for brokerages. Its analytics and reporting functions were also critical to our decision."

— Jim Richards, President and CEO, KLLM Transport Services, Jackson, MS

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