TMS software: Imaging

Manage Documents as Easily as You Move Loads

If it feels like your brokerage moves as much paper as freight, you need to get out from under the pile. The TMS software's optional Imaging suite speeds up the paperwork that bogs down your business, so you get the job done fast and right the first time.

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Storage and Retrieval
Save time, money, space and human resources
Store, label and find anything that you can create or view on your computer. A single-button interface from DAT Keypoint Document Imaging streamlines workflow, reduces time spent handling documents and enables full regulatory compliance. 

Rendition Billing
Streamline your billing with automatic invoice formatting and supporting docs
Automating billing produces the biggest efficiency gains from Document Management. Rendition Billing creates customer invoices, puts them in the system, then extracts the invoices with supporting docs for automatic printing or email.

Inbound Fax Processing
Turn faxes into electronic documents you can use to automate processes
Optimize workflow with accurate barcode recognition for faxes. DAT Keypoint TMS software receives faxes, automatically attaches them to the right load and notifies brokers when they've arrived.

"Being organized reflects credibility, and DAT Keypoint has always helped us stay organized."

— John Miller, Chief Executive Officer
Hybrid Transit, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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