TMS software: Operations

Move More Freight with Fewer People

With DAT Keypoint® TMS software, Operations and Accounting functions are consolidated in a single-entry system that integrates fully with transportation-industry applications. Manage everything from order entry to dispatch and tracking, to move more freight without adding staff.

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Order Entry
Cover more loads, make more money
A single screen lets you enter loads in seconds, calculate miles, analyze pricing and margins, negotiate with the carrier, dispatch, track, and finish a load in record time.

Truck Search
Find the right truck to move your load safely and securely
Search your internal database to find carriers who run specific lanes or have equipment in the area. Or post to top load boards to find qualified carriers, then use DAT CarrierWatch® to make sure they meet your compliance requirements.

Control Center
Run your entire business from a single screen
See all orders and perform all tasks from the Control Center, the home screen for your Operations team and the heartbeat of DAT Keypoint. With customizable templates, you know the right information and capabilities are always in front of the right person.

Dispatch / Tracking
Know the status of all your freight, all the time
Ensure that your carriers can move loads safely and securely, and that you can tell your shippers where their freight is an any given time. DAT Keypoint TMS software guards against improper dispatch and tracks freight so everyone stays up-to-date.

Customer / Carrier Profiles
Focus squarely on the people you do business with
Store unlimited information on your customers and carriers, including contacts, credit limits, terms, locations, preferences, pricing and history.

Communication Tools
Keep customers satisfied and carriers on track
Fully automated tools ensure speed and accuracy for all your carrier communications, via email or through our optional Faxing module. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) eliminates the need to re-type information contained in shipping orders. And to keep your shippers up to date, DAT Keypoint includes a 24/7 secure web portal so they can access information when they need it.

"DAT Keypoint helped us double our revenue with half the staff. It's worth its weight in gold."

—Sue Spero, president of Carrier Services of Tennessee

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