TMS software: Optional Modules

Streamline Tasks Critical to Your Brokerage

DAT Keypoint® enables you to customize your TMS software with optional modules to meet your specific business needs.

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LTL Consolidation
Maximize profitability by consolidating LTL freight and moving it as a truckload.

Outside Agent
Provide DAT Keypoint software functions for outside agents and teams.

Simplify logistics by coordinating a sequence of carriers for your multi-modal loads.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Give customers a quick, electronic way to exchange data with you.

Carrier Module
Support your company-owned trucks with fast access to driver records, pay calculations and empty vs. loaded miles.

Freight Matching Interface
Post loads automatically to DAT and other top load boards, without having to enter information twice.

CarrierWatch® Interface
Pull authority, safety ratings and insurance information directly into your carrier records.

CRM Sales
Grow your business with a tool that keeps track of prospects, customers and the activities that lead to sales.

Attach bar codes to rate confirmations sent from DAT Keypoint, then automatically file them with the order and notify you when they're received.

Rating Module
Set up rate structures to automatically price loads for each of your customers.

"The productivity with Keypoint has been fantastic."

— Boe Davis, Founder, River Place Logistics

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