Monitor Authority and Insurance Automatically

DAT CarrierWatch® checks for daily changes in your carriers' authority and insurance status and sends corresponding alerts. With this information, you can verify that your carriers are legal, safe and trustworthy.

  • Create a carrier watchlist and add any carrier - if we don't have their insurance, authority or safety ratings on file, we'll get it for you
  • Receive automatic email alerts when any of their data changes
  • NEW! Customize CarrierWatch to match the rules you've defined to qualify carriers for authority and safety ratings

Carrier Qualification and Validation Made Easy

Your carrier qualification process is well defined, but it’s time-consuming. CarrierWatch provides a simple, organized interface to streamline the process of validating carriers.

  • Carriers are flagged if insurance, authority, or safety ratings are unsatisfactory
  • A caution marks carriers whose stats are in danger of dropping below satisfactory
  • Information is updated daily

Qualify Carriers Every Time You Load Them Up

Checking credentials manually can be frustrating. With a carrier validation and monitoring solution, you can complete your due diligence in seconds.

  • Qualify carriers and verify their insurance in minutes
  • Find all the tools and information you need to load a new carrier
  • Get authority, safety ratings and all insurance coverage details
  • View or print an online copy of the carrier’s actual insurance certificate

Advanced Fraud Protection

Use CarrierWatch to help protect you from double-brokering and load high jacking.

  • Every company that uses DAT has a profile in the DAT Directory
  • Run an Alias Search to identify "chameleon" companies, who use different names and MC numbers to hide their true identity
  • Use CarrierWatch information to help you determine suitable companies to work with, based on your safety standards and other criteria.

If you have multiple offices or agents, discuss an Enterprise package customized for your company. Contact an Account Manager at 866.380.2578.

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CarrierWatch Benefits:

Move more freight and
manage liability risk

Verify vehicle and cargo insurance coverage, DOT authority and safety ratings, and get status change alerts

Avoid “chameleon carriers” suspected of double-brokering, identity theft or fraud

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