Find Truckloads and Monitor Your Assets

Find your truckloads with DAT and monitor your assets with our exclusive satellite fleet tracking systems, which can locate your truck or trailer within minutes. They'll let you know how fast your drivers have been driving or how long they’ve been sitting – whether in traffic or somewhere else. 

Fleet Tracking

DAT fleet tracking systems help improve asset utilization, letting you know where your assets are, how long they’ve been there, and how near or far they are from a customer’s location. Learn more about Slap & Track™ or Sense & Track™, for sensitive load monitoring. 

In-Cab Communications

Our in-cab tracking product lets you stay connected with your drivers and monitors the condition of your tractors. Monitoring driver performance gives you the information needed to incent them to drive safely and improve fuel efficiency.

Manage Your Fleet

IFTA Fuel Tax Reports, Titling, Authority and much more

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