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Good loads in popular lanes are found by the carrier who works the fastest. With DAT Load Boards, find more loads and book them before your competition ever sees them.

Get accurate truckload rates based on market prices, and manage everything from compliance to cash flow more efficiently.

Find More Loads Faster on the Industry’s Largest, Most Trusted Load Board

Our real-time updates, seamless scrolling, and new EmPower technology help you give you fresh search results a full 60 seconds before the competition. Find the headhauls you want and the backhauls that pay.

Load Your Trucks Before Your Competitors Put on Their Coffee

Find the latest loads in your lanes and fill gaps in your schedule with freight you’ll find here first or nowhere else. Optimize schedules to squeeze more dollars out of your equipment without squeezing your drivers so hard they’re gone.

DAT RateView™: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Get the most accurate and current truckload rates available on the lanes you run. We report rates from actual transactions, not from bids or factoring agreements. Use the information to negotiate better deals with shippers and brokers, and prepare for RFPs.

RateView’s automatic triangle routing suggestions (TriHaul™) give you options for higher profits and increased revenue per loaded mile.

IFTA, Factoring, Tracking, and More
  • DAT Fleet Compliance: IFTA fuel tax, titling, fleet management and more
  • Factoring: Full service freight factoring for DAT customers
  • Trucker Apps: Hotels, Walmart parking, CATscales, local repair shops, localized load searches, truck stops, diesel prices, and more with the MyDAT®Trucker app
  • Tracking and Communications: GPS trailer tracking and in-cab communication products

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IFTA, Fuel Tax, Titling, Fleet Management and More

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