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Feds Fund Job Training for Vets in Trucking

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently announced that it will provide nearly $1 million in grants to train military veterans for jobs in transportation. The FMCSA’s… Read More

HOS Log: A 2-Day Trip Becomes a 3-Day Trip

My colleague Kevin Scullin summarized the changes to the Hours of Service (HOS) in his recent… Read More

HOS Enforcement Begins July 1st on New Rules

Draw a big, red circle around July 1 on your calendar. That's the date when the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) will officially begin enforcing the new Hours of Service (HOS) regulations for all Commercial Motor Vehicles that are involved in interstate commerce. A trucking company or driver that operates only within one state… Read More

Inside the Walmart Supercube

Walmart Canada recently unveiled a tractor-trailer configuration that allows the retailer to ship up to 30% more product than a standard 53-foot trailer, which would eliminate approximately one truck trip for every three deliveries. The company plans to test two tractors and four trailers in Ontario, Canada.Is this legal and on the road?Not yet. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is still sorting out the… Read More

5 Predictions for Trucking in 2013

Here are my top five predictions for trucking in 2013:1. Fuel prices will decline by 10 cents per gallon, for at least part of the year, but they will remain high relative to carrier revenue. As the fuel price -- and surcharge -- declines, the line haul portion of the rates will increase to compensate, so the total rate paid to the truck should remain stable to 2% higher over the course of the year. (For more details,… Read More

2013 Forecast - What's Happening to the Economy? (A Debate)

Mark Montague and I often get into great discussions about economic trends and their impact on transportation and logistics. In this online debate, we share our personal opinions and interpretations of economic trends, reflecting our many decades of business experience and our MBA training. (To see Mark's top 5 predictions for trucking in 2013, go… Read More

Overcoming Cliffs, Ceilings and Double-Dips

I'm a numbers guy, but I'm also an optimist. I look at the last-minute agreement in Congress to avoid the "fiscal cliff" and I see opportunity for a decent business year for most companies. Maybe the compromise wasn't a great deal for either political party, but it kept the stock market from tumbling, and it kept income tax rates stable for most Americans.I admit that prospects don't look great for the U.S. economy in the next couple… Read More

Truckload freight stays strong, despite economic headwinds

If you watch the evening news, you might think there's a recession coming any minute now. An online search for the phrase "recession 2019" returned 22.6 million results, but I'm not jumping on that gloom-and-doom bandwagon.  In fact, data from the trucking industry makes me feel optimistic about the next 12 to 18 months, however. Freight volume continues to grow, above and beyond the record results of 2018. Lower taxes, increased… Read More