Building Your Business: No Risk Loads

How do you make sure that you’re getting a no risk load?

When business-savvy carriers are looking for a load, they are looking for a trustworthy load provider who will pay on time. Waiting for a payment can severely disable a trucking company. Because finding a reliable load provider is crucial to a trucker’s business, DAT has partnered exclusively with Advance Business Capital to offer approved factored loads in its load board search results

That little green check next to the loads in your search results indicates it is approved for freight capital through Advance Business Capital, DAT’s freight factoring company partner. The check mark is an instant credit check on that load, which means no need to make a call into Advance Business Capital to get credit approval. Because these credit calls take up too much time, many carriers find that they lose loads.

Through this strategic partnership between DAT and Advance Business Capital, truckers can know the instant they look at the load if it’s approved, keeping the loads they need in their possession.

By using the green check on DAT Load Boards, carriers can feel comfortable knowing they can factor the load with Advance Business Capital, which in turn will continue to grow their business.

You can learn more about our partnership with DAT in this video.