Carriers: Can a hungry new broker be a friend for life?

Fact: It's difficult for a broker who has been inbusiness a short time to have a good credit score.

Being in business a whileand paying bills over time builds up a credit score. If all carriers seeis a low credit score, the broker's phone may not ring... but that could be anopportunity for a carrier. By looking beyond thatcredit score, you may find a broker with strong connections to shippers and aneagerness to find carriers who will move their freight. You may also findless competition calling in on the load and a better likelihood of moving it ata higher rate.

Of course, you would needto carefully qualify a new broker. Checking broker authority and making surethey have a significant bond is a good start. You might even want to check forTIA membership too, and make sure the broker supports industry standards.

Carriers, how heavily doyou weight high credit scores when selecting a load? Do you feelcomfortable working with new brokers? Do you disregard a broker with alow credit score even if they have a load you are looking for?

How do you qualify a broker you haven't workedwith before?

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