DAT's Halloween in TV Land

Every year at this time, the DAT offices in suburban Beaverton Oregon are transformed overnight into a theme park, where each department strives to outdo the others and claim a prize for best decorations, costumes and overall Halloween spirit.

This year, many groups chose TV-related themes, including the sales department’s rendition of “Duck Dynasty,” marketing’s version of “Storage Wars” and customer service’s “Walking Dead.” The DAT engineering team transformed the entire third floor, with half set up as the starship Enterprise and the other half as an alien planet, all team members wore Federation uniforms, and they even filmed a “Star Trek” parody episode.

“Duck Dynasty” meets “Walking Dead” in the cemetery (top, left) outside customer service. Best costume winner Honey Boo-Boo (above, left) graced the network operating center, while the runners-up (top right) beamed down to the engineering planet and refugees from “Duck Dynasty” handled sales.calls. (Photos by Joel Rubinstein and others)