Do You Make This Mistake Factoring Loads?

In a perfect world, we’d all get paid as soon as the job is done, but let’s face it: shippers and brokers all have different terms. Some will pay you upon delivery, some in a week, others may be net 30, and some even longer.

Now, if you haul for a shipper or broker who has terms you can live with, factoring may not make sense. On the other hand, if the terms put a damper on your cash flow, owner operating factoring is an option for you. So, what’s holding you back? Here’s the problem: many factoring companies want you to factor all your loads.

Having the ability to pick and choose which brokers and shippers you want to factor can be a big advantage to your bottom line. You won’t have to pass on a good-paying load because the terms weren’t right for you. If the broker’s terms don’t work for you, then factor the load; if you like the terms don’t – simple as that.

DAT’s strategic factoring partner, Advance Business Capital, is one of the few factoring companies that allows you to choose which brokers or shippers you want to factor. So, if the broker or shipper has terms that are spreading you too thin, ABC can give you the flexibility to factor loads when it makes sense for your business – not because you have to.

When you’re searching for a load on DAT Load Boards, just look for the green check mark beside the load, which gives ABC clients the green light to take the load and know that it is factorable. Not only does it give assurance the load is factorable, but there is also no time lost calling to see if you can haul the load. With good-paying loads being taken in a matter of minutes – sometimes even seconds, time is critical.

You set the terms when you factor with Advance Business Capital. They allow you the freedom and flexibility to factor the loads you choose to keep your cash flowing and your wheels rolling.