Rate Trend of the Week – Hello, Columbus

VANS – Hello, Columbus

Hot Markets: Van rates rose in 39 of the top 64 lanes last week, and average rates are trending up nationwide for April to-date. Outbound rates from Columbus rebounded 9.7%, following a brief post-Easter slump in the previous week. Charlotte gained 7.2% and Dallas was up 2.8%, a high for the month in both markets.

Hot Lanes: Memphis to Columbus, up 20% to $2.31 per mile, takes you into a hot market. The rate also rose 13% on the return trip, to $1.90. Lanes from Philadelphia to Boston – and on the West Coast, Los Angeles to Denver – are priced well, but not necessarily in the return direction.

Not so Hot: Philadelphia slipped 2.3%, and may decline further due to this week’s surprising snowstorms. Stockton lost 2.1%, giving back part of its prior-week gains with declining rates to Portland and Los Angeles.

Worst Lane in America: This week, we’re looking at a head haul – in the sense that it’s the higher-priced leg of a roundtrip. If you have trucks based in Dallas, you know that it can be hard to make money on an eastbound route. We are showing a trihaul option that lets you add more than $1,100 in revenue on the return trip from Atlanta to Dallas, courtesy of a 320-mile side trip to Tallahassee. Check it out.

REEFERS – Go South (or West) Young Man

Hot Markets: Reefer rates rose by another penny (0.6%) as a national average last week. Big increases in freight volume last week should lead to rising rates in Lakeland, FL, McAllen TX and Fresno, CA, all agricultural areas. Outbound rates from Miami rose 8.9%. L.A. rates slipped, but the market is still among the price leaders, along with Sacramento.

Hot Lanes: Rates from Miami to Atlanta are up 14%, to $2.00 per mile. From McAllen TX to Dallas, reefer rates rose 21% to $2.27. Highest reefer rates in the U.S. are for Elizabeth in Northern New Jersey to Boston, at $3.44 for the linehaul portion. It can be tough to find a reefer load out of Boston, though, so you may need to factor in some deadhead miles on the return trip.

No so Hot: Rates out of Salt Lake City, already low, dropped 6.3% in the past two weeks to $1.39 per mile, including fuel.

FLATBED – Stay Tuned

Flatbed rates are gaining steadily. We’ll have more regional details next week.

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