Summertime BBQ (and Business) Tips from ABC

When you come to Texas, there are a few things you should know about barbeque (we spell it with a “q” here). The first is that to us, barbeque means brisket. Elsewhere, brisket is the stuff of pastrami or pot roast. But here, infused with smoke and spice and cooked for hours over low heat, this tough cut of meat is transformed into something tender and delicious, any way you slice it.

The second thing is that making great barbeque is a lot like running a business. Many of the same principles apply:

  1. Go slow and steady. Some meals come to dramatic crescendo of flame and sizzle in the kitchen. With barbeque, brisket requires consistent, low temperatures so the fat dissolves slowly into the meat and keeps it moist and full of smoky flavor. This process takes time. Start earlier than you think you should, be deliberate, stick to your recipe, and have faith. Your patience will be rewarded.
  2. Monitor, measure, repeat. Gut feel is no substitute for real numbers. Use a good digital thermometer to monitor your cooker and another to monitor the meat, and check your progress at regular intervals.
  3. Don’t use sauce to disguise your shortcomings. There’s a place for barbeque sauce—and it’s in Memphis, on the table next to your plate of ribs. Start with a quality cut of meat and, with your experience and skill as a chef, your product will stand on its own.
  4. Stick to what you know. Don’t try out a new dish with guests hanging around. Build on what you’ve done successfully before and you can go about your business with confidence.
  5. There’s just something about the equipment. Around here, we love a beautiful rig. Ours is The Money Pit, a custom-built mobile barbeque with two big vertical smokers, a 48-inch grill, deep fryers, an onboard generator, TV, sound system—the works. (See our April 9 blog post.)

Finally, in business and in barbeque, success is a meal best shared with friends. This year we’ll be taking the Money Pit on the road to visit you, our customers. You’ll see us at truck stops and industry gatherings. Stay tuned as we announce upcoming dates and locations. We’ll also have details about ABC’s big giveaway, a Triumph 675R motorcycle, as part of our 10th anniversary celebration in September.

Peace, love, and barbeque!

Jason Mullican is vice president, channel marketing, for Advance Business Capital, DAT’s preferred freight factoring provider.

The Money Pit, Advance Business Capital’s custom-built mobile barbeque, is planning a road trip to visit truck stops and industry gatherings.