The ABCs of Barbeque

“Then burn the entire ram on the altar. It is a burnt offering to the LORD, a pleasing aroma, a food offering presented to the LORD.” — Exodus 29:18

No matter what you believe, Barbeque (and we spell it with a “q” here) is a religious experience. In his book, Peace, Love, and Barbecue, the legendary Mike Mills shares: “The strongest memory from my childhood is waking up to the smell of smoke. I’d lie in my bed with my eyes still closed, take a deep breath, and smile. That aroma meant that we’d be having a good supper that night.” Mike proceeds to share recipes and special relationships from all over the world.

The most primeval form of cooking transcends culture, race, and ethnicity. At Advance Business Capital, as well as all of Triumph Bancorp, we believe that smoke rises.

Smoke is what differentiates Barbeque from all other types of cooking. The cooking methods and equipment vary tremendously, but Barbeque is generally communal and almost always occurs outdoors. It’s both a cuisine and an event, not something to be eaten alone indoors. Barbeque brings people together.

Here in America, particularly in the South (and notably Texas), Barbeque elevates the cheapest and least desirable cuts of meat and turns them into something special. Brisket? Well, that’s just two muscles from the chest of a cow, tough and sinewy. Ribs? More bones than meat, without much natural flavor. Pork shoulders? Muscular and fatty. Barbeque infuses these neglected parts of the animal with smoke and other flavors.

Making something special out of what’s most commonly cast aside strikes a chord in the human spirit. To me, perhaps this is why the Barbeque event takes on this rising flavor as well.

Last year, Triumph Bancorp built a mobile Barbeque rig precisely for this purpose. It’s a big deal—two large vertical smokers, a 48-inch grill, deep fryers, onboard generator, TV, sound system, the whole works. The Triumph BBQ team has cooked for our work family as well as local charities.

This year, we’re taking the Money Pit (that’s what we call it) on the road to visit you, our customers. You’ll see us at truck stops and industry gatherings. We invite you join us for a meal and to share our passion for good food and conversation.

Our first barbeque will be held on April 17th at Pilot Flying J Travel Center #434, 2400 Alliance Gateway Fort Worth, TX 76168. We will have Barbeque straight from The Money Pit and an opportunity for attendees to sign up for our fuel program, which we will be promoting through our giveaway where participants can enter for a chance to win a motorcycle.

You eat, we’ll listen. Peace, love, and Barbeque.

Steve Hausman is the President of Advance Business Capital, DAT’s preferred transportation factoring company.