Tracking has its benefits

When a broker or shipper says that they want to track a load, it can seem like a hassle. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Ask your broker if they use DAT OnTime, the load-tracking app that gives drivers the most control.

We’ll also give you a $15 Amazon gift card when a broker sends you a shipment request through DAT OnTime and you accept your first tracked load.

What makes DAT OnTime different?

The driver controls the tracking: It works through your phone’s built-in GPS, and you can turn it off and on within the app. No one is pinging your phone without you knowing about it.

Proof of detention times: Instead of relying on faulty geo-fences like some tracking products, you can hit the “check-in” button when you arrive at the receiver’s dock. Then you have full-proof documentation of your arrival time.

DAT protects your privacy: We don’t use third parties to get the driver’s location, and we have 40 years of experience protecting our customers’ privacy.

Better communication: The driver and broker can communicate directly through the app. No more check calls.

Download the app today and let your broker customers know that you’re tracking-enabled through DAT OnTime.