What to do when shipper demands "Where’s my load?"

If you’re a freight broker and your customer calls and demands “Where’s my load?” you’d better have an answer. And it better NOT be, “Let me make a few calls and get back to you.”

A feature in DAT OnTime — DAT’s load tracking platform — enables brokers to send their customer a link that will show the current location of the load on a U.S. map. The customer can keep that link to check back on the progress of the load, any time of the day or night.

Learn more about DAT OnTime load tracking

A new feature in DAT OnTime allows freight brokers to share load location information with their shipper customers. Shown above is the information the shipper will see.

What is DAT OnTime?

DAT OnTime launched last April. It enables freight brokers to track their loads via an app installed on the driver’s cell phone. When the driver accepts the load, he simply downloads the OnTime app, and tracking begins.

Brokers can use OnTime to track all of their loads, or just selected loads. There are no set-up fees, and OnTime costs as little as $1 per load.

If you have questions about DAT OnTime or want to see a demo, send us an email or call (800) 551-8845.