DAT Partners with TruckPark to Enable Drivers to Easily Find & Reserve Parking

DAT Partners with TruckPark to Enable Drivers to Easily Find & Reserve Parking

PORTLAND, Ore.,—TruckPark and DAT Solutions, North America’s leading online freight marketplace, have partnered to provide truck drivers on the new DAT One mobile app, with a quick and easy way to find and reserve parking. TruckPark is America’s fastest-growing truck parking and travel guidance service.

A chronic frustration point for drivers is the difficulty in finding secure overnight parking when, and where, they need it. As they approach their daily mandated limit of 11 hours driving, they often waste precious time and fuel trying to locate an available parking spot.

“DAT is dedicated to taking the uncertainty out of freight, and finding safe and secure parking is one of the biggest uncertainties drivers face when out on the road,” said DAT President and CEO Claude Pumilia. “Integrating TruckPark into our free DAT One mobile app, along with our mapping and services tools, will give truck drivers access to the most comprehensive, nearby parking options when they need to stop.”

TruckPark enables a driver to enter an address to access a map, view a detailed list of locations with available parking, and then pay for a space to reserve it. Parking rates vary in different regions of the country, with an average cost of $15 per night. There is no additional charge for using the TruckPark app to make the reservation.

“We’re excited to bring TruckPark to DAT, to further expand the number of drivers, carriers and fleets that benefit from the peace of mind of knowing there is a safe, secure parking spot reserved where the driver will need it,” said TruckPark CEO Anthony Petitte.

“Through this strategic partnership with DAT, we’re continuing to make good on our mission to revolutionize the trucking industry and improve the lives of truck drivers,” said TruckPark COO Joshua Walls.