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We're bringing you a conference packed with great content, thought leaders, and networking opportunities unlike any other industry conference.

DATCON22 brings together DAT’s in-house experts and industry leaders from companies like Echo Logistics, Arrive Logistics, Schneider, Freightvana, and Miller Transport to bring you the latest insights in transportation and logistics.

DAT iQ Shipper Summit 08:30 AM – 04:00 PM

(Private sessions by invitation only. Not included with standard DATCON registration)

Solutions for Shipper Success

  • The Freight Market Intelligence Consortium has seen considerable growth in recent years, and there are big plans for shipper solutions to further empower transportation and logistics professionals. Meet the DAT executive team and get a first-hand look at the solutions we’re building for shipper success.

Claude Pumilia, DAT President & CEO

State of the Market – Industry Panel Discussion

  • In this panel discussion, our industry analysts take a 360-degree look at the transportation marketplace. Get key perspectives on factors driving the current market trends, plus metrics to watch when anticipating and planning for future volatility.

Dr. Chris Caplice,  MIT Senior Research Scientist and DAT Chief Scientist; Ken Adamo, DAT Chief of Analytics; Dean Croke, DAT Principal Analyst

State of the Products

  • Make sure you’re getting the full power of your DAT iQ solutions. Our product experts share the deep analytical insights into rates, capacity and performance that are available to you, plus introduce brand new capabilities that supercharge your carrier procurement while containing costs.

Chad Kennedy, Group Product Manager; Eric Staples, DAT iQ Product Director

Dynamic Roundtables: Solving for Today

  • In our popular interactive roundtable discussions, we’ll tackle the problems currently facing the transportation industry and share strategies for overcoming today’s obstacles. Topics include dynamic procurement, sustainability and much more.

The Next Evolution of Procurement

  • There’s no “set it and forget it” when it comes to transportation networks. And with consumer expectations like two-day delivery, procurement practices have to adapt. We’ll analyze procurement strategies that give you the flexibility and adaptability to thrive in tomorrow’s business climate.

Dynamic Roundtables: Solving for Tomorrow

  • In our second session of interactive roundtable discussions, we’ll look to the future for new opportunities. Topics will include index-based pricing, autonomous vehicles and much more based on audience feedback.

The Path Ahead: Shipper Summit Wrap-Up

  • As we wrap up the summit, we look at other DATCON22 sessions that will be of key interest to shippers. We’ll also open the floor for Q&A.

Exceed Together

  • What will it take to exceed customer expectations in transportation’s next evolution? Success going forward means having to do more than simply react to the challenges of today but to solve for tomorrow. While the problems will be familiar, the solutions require going beyond our current capabilities.

Claude Pumilia, DAT President & CEO

Solving Uncertainty: The Next Evolution of DAT Products

  • Future success requires accurate and reliable solutions. Get a sneak peek of freight and analytics tools that will expand your business capabilities, so that you can compete, perform and prosper in tomorrow’s transportation industry.

Nadya Duke Boone, DAT Chief Product Officer

Forecasting the Freight Economy – Panel Discussion 

  • Change is the only constant in truckload transportation. To help you anticipate and plan ahead, we’ll dive deep into the forces driving market conditions and look at key indicators to help you prepare for future volatility.

DAT Market Experts: Chris Caplice,  Senior Research Scientist MIT and Chief Scientist DAT; Ken Adamo, Chief of Analytics DAT; Dean Croke, Principal Analyst, DAT; Special Guest Analyst: Tim Denoyer, ACT

B/O Not All Data Is Created Equally

  • Collecting data isn’t useful if it doesn’t provide you with actionable insights. There are five key questions to ask when evaluating a freight analytics partner in order to make sure you’re getting accurate business intelligence so that you can act with confidence. 

Chris Caplice, Senior Research Scientist MIT and Chief Scientist DAT; Ken Adamo, Chief of Analytics DAT; Inam Iyoob, Director, Data Operations

B/O Bidding with Confidence

  • Historically, bidding on an RFP has been a labor-intensive process, and too often it involves some degree of guesswork. But with powerful analytical tools, you can craft winning bids in minutes rather than weeks. 

Tom Curee, SVP Kingsgate Logistics

Product Lab: Automate with Priority Booking

  • In this hands-on lab, we’ll walk you through easy-to-perform steps that will allow you to cover more loads in a fraction of the time using Priority Booking tools from DAT One.

Jaime Salazar, Product Manager DAT, Sarita Benjamin, Sr. Director, Product, DAT and Andrew Smith, VP Sales & Operations, Circle Logistics

B/O Specializing in Specialty Freight

  • Complicated shipments require specific expertise. Learn about the ins and outs of specialized freight, from equipment and securement to insurance and costs, and what it takes to set yourself up for success with specialty carriers.

Ken Adamo, Chief of Analytics, DAT and Jason Frederick, VP Operations, Miller Transfer, Nicole Glenn, CEO, Candor Exp

B/O Stay a Step Ahead of Cargo Fraud

  • As the industry continues to evolve, so too does cargo fraud. As scammers become more sophisticated in their tactics, there are safeguards you can put into place to keep your cargo secure and ensure your shipments arrive safe and sound.

Scott Collins, Travelers Ins.

Product Lab: Bid Management

  • Add confidence and clarity to your bids with the RFP Tool from DAT iQ so you can secure long-term, profitable business.

Tamir Dov, Product Manager, DAT David Spencer, Director of Business Intelligence, Arrive Logistics

B/O Demystifying Data Science

  • With all the data available today in the transportation space, it can be difficult to separate signal from noise. Dive into strategies and tools that will supercharge your pricing insights, and learn the metrics that matter most when analyzing market rates.

Scott Friesen – EVP, Echo Logistics

Making Sense of the Economic and Freight Tea Leaves

  • Supply chain constraints, moderating demand, inflationary pressure and labor challenges have created one of the more challenging environments for freight markets and the broader economy. Join Lee Klaskow, Bloomberg Intelligence’s senior freight transportation and logistics analyst, who will try to make sense of the backdrop on truck, rail, air and ocean markets.

Lee Klaskow, Senior Analyst – Transportation and Logistics, Bloomberg

Product Lab: Pricing Data Decoded

  • Dig into the different levels of granularity available in RateView Analytics, learning how the variety of market rate data points inform and empower your pricing.

Alex Perry, Product Manager, DAT

General Session: Turn Middle Ground Into High Ground

  • In order to exceed together, each segment of the transportation industry has to work toward the benefit of one another. In this panel, we discuss how shippers, brokers and carriers can work together for win-win-win scenarios

J-Ann Tio, Chief Strategist Arrive Logistics, Joe Vitiritto, CEO, PAM Transport and TBD, moderated by Ken Adamo

General Session: Special Guest Speaker: Michael Rogers – Transportation: The Path Ahead

  • The future of transportation will blend everything from alternative fuels and artificial intelligence to supply chain redesign, increasing automation plus growing demands for sustainability and resilience.  How can shippers keep up with—and anticipate—the changes to come

Michael Rogers, Futurist, Michaelrogers.com 

B/O Scaling with Speed: Strategies for ramping up new brokerages quickly.

  • With today’s interconnected supply chains, there’s more and more pressure to scale up quickly. When you need to exceed your current capabilities to meet your customers’ needs, these strategies can help you ramp up fast.

Don Everhart, Freightvana

B/O Building a Better Network

  • Carrier relationships are at the core of every transportation and logistics operation. We’ll explore strategies for growing and nurturing those relationships, building out private networks that will in turn extend the reach of your business.

Sarita Benjamin, Product Dir, DAT, Justin Sachs, Director of Products, Schneider

Product Lab 2: Bid Management

  • We’ll dive into the brand new RFP Tool from DAT iQ, which allows you to add confidence and clarity to bids that will help you secure long-term, profitable business.

Tamir Dov, Product Manager DAT and David Spencer, Director of Business Intelligence, Arrive Logistics

General Session: Special Guest Speaker: Terry Bradshaw – Why Not Your Best? 

  • At a time when business is experiencing very serious challenges, perhaps it’s time to go back to basics and take a closer look at what makes people successful despite disappointment, adversity and relentless competition. Legendary Hall of Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw, a success both on and off the field, shares with audiences his strategies for maintaining success through persistent self-improvement.

Terry Bradshaw, NFL Legend

B/O Going Big: Strategies for Growing Your Brokerage:

  • By understanding the risk-reward trade offs that are inherent in transportation and logistics, you can choose a business model for your freight brokerage that sets the foundation for long-term success.

Steve Blair, General Manager, DAT Broker TMS, Dale Breshears

Product Lab: Market Conditions Index

  • Need a fast way to gauge the market? With the Market Conditions Index, you can use the definitive truckload supply and demand metric to find opportunities and anticipate market changes.

Kassondra Van Keuren, Snr. Analytics Consultant, DAT

Product Lab: Pricing Data Decoded

  • Dig into the different levels of granularity available in RateView Analytics, learning how the variety of market rate data points inform and empower your pricing.

Alex Perry, Product Manager, DAT

Product Lab: Load Post Hacks

  • Need your loads to stand out from the crowd. These proven tips and tricks will make your load posts more attractive to carriers so you can cover even the most difficult shipments. 

Robert Rouse, DAT Product Manager and Chamaine Jeffers, CEO, CDLife

Product Lab 6: Custom Pricing Tools

  • RateView Analytic shows you more than just the market averages. With new metrics from DAT iQ, you can also quickly price shipments based on commodity, timing and your specific criteria.

Cole Hytjan, Product Manager, DAT, Colin McChesney, Axle Logistics

Wednesday, October 5th

8:30 am – Shipper Summit

2:00 pm – Registration

5:00 pm – Welcome Reception

Thursday, October 6th

7:30 am –  Breakfast

8:30 am – Welcome to DATCON22: Exceed Together Claude Pumilia, President & CEO

9:15 am – Solving Uncertainty: The Next Evolution of DAT Products Nadya Duke Boone, DAT Chief Product Officer

10:15 am – Market Insights & Panel Discussion

11:00 am – Lunch

1:00 pm – Breakouts and Product Labs: Not All Data is Created Equally; Bidding with Confidence with Tom Curree, SVP Kingsgate; Automated Freight Tendering; Specialty Freight with Flatbed Carrier; Maintaining a Carrier Relationship, Bid Management; Demystifying Pricing – Strategy and Tools; Pricing Data Decoded

4:00 pm – Turn Middle Ground Into High Ground

5:30 pm – DAT Hosted Dinner

Friday, October 7th

7:30 am – Breakfast

8:30 am – Michael Rogers, Futurist Transportation: The Path Ahead

9:30 am  – Breakouts  and Product Labs: Scaling with Speed; Cargo Fraud; Bid Management

10:30 am – Terry Bradshaw, Why Not Your Best?

1:00 pm – Breakouts and Product Labs: Going Big: Strategies for Growing Your Brokerage; Market Conditions Index

2:00 pm – Product Labs: Pricing Data Decoded; Load Post Hacks; Custom Pricing Tools