Analytics tailored to your unique challenges

The most relevant and real-time insights

Freight intelligence custom to your business
  • Anticipate changes in the market before they happen
  • Build and measure your transportation strategy
  • Uncover new opportunities and mitigate risks

DAT Data Analytics

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Customized to fit your business needs
  • Custom visualizations and data sets specific to your business
  • Go deeper into load and truck search / post metrics for a clearer view of the market.
  • Set your own pricing guidelines with accurate historic and forecasted spot and contract rates on 68,000 lanes.
  • Research lane-level pricing with precise geography and timelines.
  • Expand relationships and understand the competition in your markets with advanced data from the DAT freight marketplace.
Data visualized for decision-making
  • See patterns emerge and pinpoint subtleties with carrier and broker metrics combined for your network areas.
  • Boost your contract and spot pricing confidence with historical and forecasted freight rates on one timeline.
  • Enhance your bids by quickly gauging rate volatility in specific markets and date ranges.
  • Analyze your costs compared to the overall market.
  • Add context to your pricing decisions with seasonal and yearly pricing trends.
Flexible delivery options
  • Direct data access through Snowflake
  • Custom dashboards through Tableau Online
  • Scheduled or one-time data delivery via FTP file exchange
Get actionable information
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Research Lane Rates

Get the trucking industry’s most accurate freight rates research tools with DAT RateView. See the average spot market and contract rates on more than 68,000 lanes, based on more than $110 billion in real transactions between brokers and carriers.

Free Weekly Spot Market Reports

Our free weekly overview of the latest trends on the spot market, including capacity and market rates. See which major lanes have rising rates, and where prices are falling.