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COMING SOON: Rate Forecasting

DAT has launched a pilot program for Rate Forecast, a powerful prediction tool that offers actionable insights for short and long term planning. 

  • Pricing guidance
  • More accurate contract negotiations
  • Better cost management insights

Read here to learn more about the Rate Forecast pilot program.

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Customized Reports

  • Research historical spot and contract rates on 65,000 lanes
  • Explore national and regional trends for vans, reefers and flatbeds
  • Gain actionable insights into supply chain design
  • Analyze freight markets for site selection or M&A activity

Data Visualization Dashboard

  • Improve carrier procurement with lane preference info
  • Assess inbound and outbound demand for 155 freight markets
  • Gauge emerging trends based on seasonal patterns
  • View and manipulate data in interactive maps and graphs

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Get the trucking industry's most accurate freight rates research tools with DAT RateView. See the average spot market and contract rates on more than 65,000 lanes, based on more than $68 billion in real transactions between brokers and carriers.

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Our free weekly overview of the latest trends on the spot market, including capacity and market rates. See which major lanes have rising rates, and where prices are falling.