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  • Average rate on every lane, based on REAL transactions
  • See broker credit scores and average days to pay
  • Auto-suggestions for higher-paying routes with DAT TriHaul
  • IFTA fuel tax calculator

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Broker Spot Market Rates
  • See the average rate paid by brokers on every lane you search, even when the broker doesn’t post an offer rate. This gives you a good idea of what price you can ask for when you call on a load, and it can tell you which lanes may make it hard for you to cover your costs. And if the broker does include an offer rate, you can compare it to what other carriers have gotten paid on that lane.
  • Where do we get the rates? Our freight rates database is based on more than $57 billion in real transactions between brokers and carriers, and it’s updated every day.
  • DAT TruckersEdge Enhanced subscribers see the average market rate based on the past 90 days, which is great for lanes where the prices are pretty steady or if you’re negotiating long-term business.
  • If you upgrade to DAT TruckerEdge Pro, you get the most accurate rate information in the business, with averages based on the past 15 days. That’s perfect for areas where the rates can change quickly, and gives you the most up-to-date info there is.
DAT TriHaul
  • Say no to cheap freight with the one-of-a-kind TriHaul tool. For every lane you search, DAT TruckersEdge will suggest better-paying routes that include an extra destination on the return trip.
  • For example, if you hauled a load from Chicago to Philadelphia and can’t find any good-paying loads on the trip back from Philadelphia, you can look at TriHaul for other ways that you can get back to Chicago.
  • One suggestion could be to take a load from Philadelphia to Buffalo, NY, instead, and then another haul from Buffalo to Chicago. If it works with your hours of service, the extra leg might add as much as $1,000 in revenue.
  • To get the TriHaul tool, upgrade to DAT TruckersEdge Pro.
Broker Credit Scores
  • See the credit scores for every broker who posts loads.
  • On average, brokers on DAT TruckersEdge have a credit score of 94 or better out of a possible 100.
  • You already have access to company reviews, so you can see what other carriers have to say about each broker before you decide to work with that company.
  • Included with DAT TruckersEdge Enhanced and DAT TruckersEdge Pro
IFTA Fuel Tax Calculator
  • Save time on your IFTA returns by calculating fuel taxes ahead of time.
  • DAT TruckersEdge Pro comes with tools by ProMiles that let enter in your route and then get the miles to report on your fuel taxes.
Full North America Database
  • Want to see Canadian loads? We’ve got you covered.
  • Upgrade to DAT TruckersEdge Pro to see every load in the DAT super-database.
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The NASDAQ of Trucking

DAT RateView is the most trusted database for truckload freight rates, used by carriers, 3PLs, shippers, economists and Wall Street analysts.

RateView data is based only on actual payments to carriers, not bids or asking prices. Our proprietary system ensures that you get the most accurate look at the most accurate market conditions, based on zip codes (not radius) and real market behavior.