Onboard Carriers in Minutes, Not Hours

DAT OnBoard™ is fast, accurate, 100% mobile

DAT OnBoard™ is the first commercial product for brokers where carriers can onboard using their smart phones, tablets, or laptops. Advantages include:

  • Completely paperless – No fax machine required. Carriers simply fill out an online profile and sign contracts electronically—wherever they are.
  • Improved accuracy – Carriers must complete ALL information—no more missing fields or illegible handwriting. Profiles can be uploaded to your TMS without re-typing.
  • 50,000 carriers already signed up – More than 50,000 carriers have already filled out their profiles. These carriers can share their profiles with any broker using DAT OnBoard.
  • Carriers will want to work with you – If you make the process easy, carriers will want to work with you—and they’ll stick with the brokers they’ve already onboarded with.
  • Affordable – Packages start at $50/month for onboarding up to 50 carriers per month.

To learn more, contact your account representative, send us an email, or call 800-547-5417.