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DAT Connexion interface and DAT Solutions Software Development Kit (SDK)

Connexion Interface Application Requirements Document

The DAT Connexion interface and DAT Solutions Software Development Kit (SDK) license agreements require that any applications you create comply with this Connexion Application Requirements document.

Any application that interacts with Connexion must meet these requirements. By requesting that your application be permitted to access the Connexion interface, you are attesting that your application meets the following requirements.


All applications using Connexion must be certified before interacting with the production DAT Loadboards network, RateView data, or other DAT application. DAT Solutions has the right to approve or prohibit any use of Connexion at the sole discretion of DAT Solutions.

Applications must supply a unique identifier to the interface. The identifier is specified in the thirdPartyid field of Login Request in the interface. In the SDK, the thirdPartyId field is accessed through the TFMI_Session object property “application”.

Applications must not use the interface for data mining of the DAT database, analytics, or purposes other than posting or finding available trucks or loads. Any planned use of the interface, other than posting or searching for available trucks or loads, must be specifically approved by DAT Solutions.

Each user of the application must be a separate Connexion user and have their posts and searches performed by that Connexion user. This requirement allows for better interaction with DAT Solutions applications.

All applications that support searching for loads must also support posting using Connexion for loads and/or trucks as appropriate for the customer. Any application that posts loads or trucks to the DAT Load Board database and uses Connexion for any other functionality, such as looking up the government safety and authority data for a carrier using DAT CarrierWatch®, must post using Connexion.

DAT Solutions may provide different pricing for post-only applications compared to post and search applications.

Applications must not re-post or post the same asset again without changes to the posting. DAT Solutions has “refresh” facilities that update the time stamp on Connexion postings at intervals so they do not appear stale. The application must not implement its own facilities to get a later time stamp.

A post-only application must not support alarm match. Applications supporting alarm match must provide a search facility.

Post and Search DAT Load Boards Support

Unless specifically approved by DAT Solutions, the following search results must show in the application’s User Interface:

  • Age of posting
  • Phone number
  • Company name
  • Type of truck offered or truck category required
  • Shipping lane
  • Full or partial load
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Trip Miles
  • Deadhead miles

Applications must not exceed the following limits for any DAT Load Boards account:

  • No more than 300 results per search (built into the API search return)
  • No more than 60 searches per hour
  • No more than 1000 searches per user per month
  • No more than 60 alarm matches per user may be active at any one time

RateView Requirements

  • Each RateView current lane lookup costs one late credit (as much as $0.04 cents depending terms of contract)
  • Each RateView rate history lookup costs 13 lane credits (as much as $0.52 depending on terms of contract)
  • Application must visibly shows rates are from or based on DAT data.
  • Application must not have a rate display that is deceptive. It harms DAT as well as the user if rates appear to be inaccurate because of how they are displayed.
  • Application must differentiate and label Shipper Contract, Broker Spot or other Rate Types. Shipper Contract rates are typical rates paid by shippers to carriers under contract. Broker Spot rates are typical rates paid by brokers to carriers on the spot market. These rates are very different, it should be clear which is being presented to avoid user confusion to misconceptions about the quality of our rates.
  • Application must deliver rates or information derived from DAT rates only to subscribing company not to individuals outside subscribing company. Rate delivery or benefit only to RateView subscribers.
  • Application must display the date and time looked up if it displays a stored rate. Rate data is both time sensitive and business critical. It is important that only a rate that is looked up at that moment is displayed as the current rate.


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