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Vehicle Titling and Registration Get the most cost effective asset-based lending services available.

Secure Your Assets

Liens that aren’t secured carry a potential financial loss – your assets are not working for you. How much revenue are you losing to unsecured assets? When your name is not on the title, a single unsecured asset becomes one too many. Count on DAT Solutions Fleet Compliance to re-title and register your vehicles.

Expanding Your Business Beyond State Lines
When you purchase the vehicle asset portfolio of another company, you assume the responsibility for processing entity and legal name changes. It’s up to you to re-title all vehicles in the states where they are domiciled, and the details can be daunting. Do you know how the titling process works in states other than yours? What forms are required? How do you expedite the process?

We’re the Titling Experts
We’ve been re-titling and registering vehicles for years, so we know how to process paperwork nationwide. We’ll quickly deliver the paperwork to the required agencies at a price that’s more cost effective than our competitors.

We Assist Your Staff
Even if your in-house staff already handles your titling paperwork, our staff can work with them to improve and expedite their existing processes, freeing them from the task of completing loads of paperwork. We bridge the gap between your staff and every titling and registration agency in every state across the country.

About DAT Fleet Compliance
DAT Fleet Compliance provides the essential tools when, where, and how you need them to gain a complete view of your transportation enterprise. It’s a flexible, integrated suite of products and services that provides an end-to-end solution that improves efficiency – from initial order through final payment.

DAT Solutions Fleet Compliance

  • Handles the unique details of every state’s titling and registration requirements
  • Frees your staff from volumes of paperwork
  • Is the most cost effective service available

United States

Call DAT Solutions today for expert titling and registration advice in all 50 states.

Frequently asked questions:

Are the titling requirements the same for each state?
No, each state has their own specific state forms that must be accurately completed with the supporting documentation. The title application also varies from state to state.

Are state titling fees consistent with each state?
Unfortunately, no. Even when DAT Solutions knows the state fee rate we always verify it to ensure accuracy.

What is the typical turnaround time for a state to send back a title?
A general rule of thumb is 4-6 weeks, but it may take longer depending on volume.

What our customers are saying:

"Managing titles is not our primary work…Any company with a large amount of titling as collateral should use DAT Solutions for moving titles in and out easily." – Ed Chonko, PNC Business Credit

"DAT’s experience with motor vehicle departments throughout the U.S. is an invaluable asset when our clients require title changes and lien notations." – Jonathan Brodhag, Bryan Cave LLP

"Using DAT Solutions gives me a knowledgeable team who can much more efficiently navigate the paper and electronic title processes required by individual states." – Daniel Denton, Wells Fargo Capital Finance

"It is often more efficient and cost-effective to ask DAT Solutions to handle vehicle titles…than for my firm to handle them internally. I have been very pleased with DAT’s services." – Rachel Wolock, Dickinson Wright PLLC

"DAT has always done a great job of seamlessly executing the vehicle titling process in coordination with the lenders and our firm, even in the most difficult transactions." – Winston and Strawn, LLP

"DAT Fleet Compliance has assisted us with adding lienholders to existing titles across multiple jurisdictions and storage and processing of those titles. My belief is that the cost for attorneys and paralegals to handle this type of title work would greatly exceed the fees charged by DAT…I look forward to working with DAT for future projects." – Terry G. Freeman, McGlinchey Stafford

"DAT saved days, possibly weeks, in manpower and thousands of dollars in additional legal fees." – Brightwood Capital Advisors

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