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Operating the largest on-demand freight exchange, DAT Solutions has access to volumes of data on commercial trucking. DAT load boards host 279 million load and truck posts each year, and DAT RateView™ derives rate data from more than $57 billion in actual freight payments by brokers, 3PLs and shippers to carriers. All that data—and more—feeds our products.

Sometimes, however, transportation professionals need access to data that is more detailed or delivered differently than the way it is presented in DAT products. That’s where DAT Data Analytics comes in.

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Custom Reports for Your Specific Needs

Request custom reports based on your unique business needs. Use the maps and data graphics for internal use or for high-impact presentations to customers. Below is a just sampling of the types of reports you can receive from DAT Data Analytics:

Figure 2

Figure 1: Supply and Demand Dashboard - Use this online tool to see historical supply and demand in any of 135 Key Market Areas in the U.S. Shown is the van load-to-truck ratio in Atlanta from March 2012 through present.

Figure 3

Figure 2: Carrier Development Data - Discover carrier lane preferences. This image shows where carriers want to go from Atlanta, based on their truck posts and load searches. Orange lines show the the most in-demand destinations. Clicking a line brings up contact information on carriers who want to run that lane.

Figure 3: Spot and Contract Lane Rate History - Provides historical context to support pricing and forecasting decisions on more than 65,000 lanes. Shown are historical per-mile price averages  from the Birmingham, AL market to a variety of other markets. Fuel surcharges are shown at the top of the chart.

Figure 4

Figure 4: Truck Density Maps - Are you advising a customer on a good location from which to ship their product? Go where the trucks are. Circles on the map show the density of flatbed load posts in the Lake Erie region. Colors represent the four key market areas (KMAs) of Toledo, Cleveland, Erie and Buffalo. KMAs are typically urban areas characterized by significant truckload activity.

Delivery Options

Data from DAT can be delivered in several ways:
  • As custom reports compiled by DAT analysts and delivered on a one-time basis or recurring basis.
  • Customers can use the cloud-based online dashboard tool that translates the data into interactive graphics and maps.
  • Delivered as a direct, data-only transmission via CSV files over FTP.
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