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Track and poll from anywhere in North America

DAT Sense & TrackTM is a compact all-satellite communications device. Using a two-way protocol, it sends reports, receives commands, and polls from anywhere throughout North America with a full sensor suite capability. The Sense & Track terminal becomes an integral part of the trailer, capable of showing loaded or empty status, tire inflation, and temperature information.

The location accuracy provided by GPS technology

Integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and the ability to change reporting characteristics "over-the-air" in minutes provides customers with unparalleled control over their fleets. Sense & Track can reduce tractor-to-trailer ratio, prevent and reduce cargo theft, help recover misplaced or stolen equipment quickly, and reduce insurance costs. The application processor features multi-point geo-fencing, text and form messaging and stop and start notifications.

  • Affordable
  • Configurable "over-the-air"
  • Multiple sensors for cargo, temperature door and more
  • Data integration with major dispatch software applications

Installation of the terminal unit is easy

The ultra-powerful and efficient cargo sensor can be installed on loaded trailers, saving maintenance time and effort. The low-profile data communications device is inconspicuous on the top of the trailer, out of sight from thieves or others who might misuse or tamper with equipment.

Integrates with major dispatch software

Customers can easily retrieve data from Sense & Track and integrate it into their existing dispatch or transportation management software.


  • Cargo
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Door switch
  • Tire inflation monitoring
  • Five digital inputs
  • Five digital outputs
  • Four analog inputs
  • Two serial ports

Power Options

  • Direct 12V vehicle power with built-in electronic power module
  • External lithium battery pack options:
    - Extended battery life
    - Custom packs available

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