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Choose the Load Board that's right for your business

Features Express Power
Full access to the DAT database connects you with the most reliable brokers and carriers. Includes live tech support/training.
Unlimited searching and posting Single search Multi-search
Alarm Match notifies you when a post meets your needs
Hot States help you find highest-volume origins
and destinations by state
Market Rates shows spot market lane rates, including line
haul and fuel surcharge
Search the DAT Directory for company profiles, FMCSA data, broker days-to-pay & credit scores, read and write reviews
Triangular routing suggests three-leg routes
that pay better than round-trip routes
Print out your search results
LIVE Comprehensive Search – Refine your results  
Hot Market Maps provide daily load-to- truck ratios  
Group functionality allows you to view postings
and comments from your co-workers
DAT CarrierWatch®– Carrier safety ratings and insurance  
New and improved DAT LaneMakers shows top 20
companies posting trucks/loads in past 30 days
Posting Matches shows your results without running a search  
Block/Favorites – Customized search results  

DAT Power is our most advanced load board. It includes time-saving tools that enable you to move more freight.

DAT Express is a good option for small brokers, carriers and shippers with low-to-moderate freight volume.

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