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The industry's biggest and best Load Board with high-paying loads and reputable brokers.

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Features Power Office Total Power
Basic, Active and Smart search to customize the way you search
Post & Search multiple lanes
Upload bulk files for multiple searches
Hot States shows posting volumes by state
DAT LaneMakers provides companies that work specific lanes
DAT CarrierWatch® - Search the DAT Directory
Market Rates: See average spot market rates for the lane you are posting or searching in
DAT CarrierWatch: Monitor 250 carriers, get days-to-pay, and credit scores
DAT RateView: Includes bulk download for 1,000 lanes  
Hot Market Maps show load-to-truck ratios by equipment type and market  
Corridor Search helps identify loads in a specific lane  


Power Office

Gives you access to the most advanced Load Boards in the industry.

Total Power

Get smart tools to make informed decisions improving speed, productivity, tracking and profitability.

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