Get paid now, no factoring needed

Manage your cash flow with TriumphPay

Get paid immediately without factoring

  • TriumphPay + DAT: Find Quick-Pay loads fast
  • Select payment on your terms
  • Half the cost of traditional factoring
  • 100% advance

How it Works: DAT + TriumphPay

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with TriumphPay, you can quickly find loads within the DAT platform that are approved for TriumphPay. Just look for the mceclip2.png  symbol on DAT load boards. This indicates that the broker is setup with TriumphPay.  When you select TriumphPay, you can get paid immediately, without the need of factoring the load or waiting for weeks to get paid.  TriumphPay allows carriers to provide their bank routing information and get paid directly from brokers that are setup with TriumphPay.

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