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Thousands of transportation professionals consult DAT Solutions for business-critical information and resources. We deliver the most comprehensive load board network for the transportation industry with products targeting specific segments in transportation.

Advertising Services Made Easy

Each of our product websites offer a unique selling opportunity to the market of your choice. Banner ads can help build your reputation, create sales leads and establish your online presence. IAB-standard ad sizes make this vehicle a convenient and flexible way to deliver your message.

DAT Media can create, optimize or change your ads to develop a unique and effective message that will draw attention to your brand.

Accurate Statistics

DAT Solutions utilizes ad-serving technology that allows for controlled distribution of impressions during your campaign. Accurately track your campaign's effectiveness and see how your message is being seen by your target audience.

Your message, on the road, with your customers

DAT Trucker is a free mobile application, available on Android and iOS platforms, which allows drivers to search for nearby truck stops, diesel prices, Walmart's stores, rest areas and other points of interest – and get nearby loads from the DAT Load Boards.

With more than 250,000 downloads, this application has become one of the premier tools for the truck driver while on the road. This app will extend the reach of carriers to load providers who use any of the DAT load board products.

E-Newsletters Deliver Pertinent and Timely Information

Every month, we write, compile and distribute the DAT Broker Newsletter sent to 23,000+ brokers and the DAT Carrier Newsletter for 45,000+ carriers. This content is syndicated all over the country within leading industry publications and recipients consist of both DAT subscribers and other industry professionals.

Over the past two years, these newsletters have become extremely popular, at times triggering record numbers of visitors to our website surrounding the days they were deployed.

These are 100% opted-in newsletters that contain highly valuable trends and industry information that transportation professionals seek out every month.

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