Benchmark Analytics

Dive deeper into your transportation cost and network performance with Benchmark Analytics, an advanced BI tool seamlessly integrated into the enhanced DAT iQ platform.

Measure your performance against market trends to drive strategic decision-making. Empower your transportation network and operations with predictability and resilience based on reliable, actionable insights.

A powerful freight intelligence toolkit

Benchmark Analytics from DAT iQ provides freight intelligence to inform your budget and procurement strategies so you can navigate market volatility with greater confidence and agility.

Streamlined workflow

User-friendly interface with pre-built data visualizations of aggregated unbiased customer-contributed transaction data for both executive-level reporting and day-to-day tactical analysis.

AI-powered rate engine

Industry-leading, self-learning models are updated daily to deliver optimal rate outputs based on dynamic market factors. Comprehensive rate visibility empowers precise, real-time decision-making and planning.

Efficient root cause analysis

Quickly identify business drivers and optimization opportunities, and dive deeper into with powerful custom data manipulation capabilities.

Expert onboarding and shipper resources

Benefit from expert onboarding processes for efficient data aggregation and validation. Access exclusive events, networking opportunities, market research, and resources to stay informed on best practices.

Benchmark Analytics from DAT iQ compares your network against $75B in annual transportation spend data contributed by hundreds of leading North American shippers and brokers.

Dynamic analysis and actionable insights

High-level performance indicators

Performance at-a-glance designed to allow supply chain leaders to report up to executive stakeholders with ease.

Granular analysis for deep-dives

Analysts can segment and filter data for unique use cases to uncover tactical opportunities to reduce costs, increase service levels, and drive efficiencies.

Smarter & more sustainable procurement

Understand where to prioritize your efforts to drive the greatest impact within your network. Streamline RFP timelines and build stronger long-term partnerships.

Routing guide management

Diagnose and repair broken routing guides to minimize the risk of unplanned spot market exposure.

Strategic planning, execution, and evaluation

Develop flexible budget strategies with an understanding of emerging market trends and underperforming network aspects.

Benchmark Analytics for Brokers

Compare your revenue with the overall market to assess not just your costs and profits – but also your potential profits.

Get unparalleled performance insights

Real market analytics based on transactions by your peers.

See accurate carrier and regional assessments

See which carriers had the most competitive prices by lane and regions

Plan strategically

Unique modeling processes replicate your carrier pricing

Optimize your operations

See where costs and margins might be misaligned with the overall market.

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DAT iQ Signal Report

Benchmark Analytics customers have access to exclusive benefits like the monthly Shipper Roundtable. The Signal Report gives transportation professionals an overview of the state of freight to better plan ahead and assess how their operations compare to the overall marketplace. The report includes:

Rate forecasts
Spot and contract rate indices
Inflation trends
In-depth analysis from freight market experts
Plans & Pricing

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Plans & Pricing

Benchmark Analytics

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A few things you
might be asking yourself

Hundreds of North American shippers and brokers representing over $75B in annual transportation spend use Benchmark Analytics to compare their costs. In order to benchmark their performance, they contribute data directly to DAT iQ, which is verified to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Data contributors are always anonymous, so you can feel safe that your valuable information is never compromised.

Yes! All subscribers get access to resources, industry research and best practices, and a range of events that present plenty of opportunities to network with peers and learn best practices from other organizations.

Brokers and shippers of all sizes across all industries: Food and beverage, manufacturing, construction, automobile, consumer products, and everything in between.

Yes! There’s a package built specifically for brokerages and 3PLs looking to measure the performance of their agents against the broader market, so that they can uncover areas of profit potential.

Absolutely. You can request a demo here and our experts will schedule time to show solutions that are tailored specifically to your business.

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