Fuel Cards

Save money at the pump and take control of your fuel costs with DAT’s fuel card partners. The DAT fuel card program empowers drivers to find the cheapest fuel, provides discounts in the DAT One mobile app, fuel card rewards and much more.

DAT WEX Fuel Card

The DAT WEX Fuel Card is the fastest way for a growing business to drive real savings, with automatic fuel expense tracking, employee spending controls, purchase alerts and exclusive discounts.

Get discounts across the country

Pay the cash price at 12,000 truck stops nationwide and receive discounts at 1,900 truck stop locations.

Set purchase limits

Use security and purchase controls to create spending parameters.

Avoid excessive fees

No monthly charges, extremely low transaction fees and extra discounts.

Stay efficient on the go

Use the EFS CardControl mobile app to help you find the best prices and manage your fuel account.

Keep track of your accounting

The EFS eManager helps you manage everything from fuel cards to money codes, plus reports to monitor fuel purchases.

Optimize fuel spend

WEX Telematics uses GPS tracking and powerful reporting to help you achieve next-level operational efficiency and fuel savings.

DAT Fuel Cards


WEX Fuel Card

The DAT WEX Fuel Card is the fastest way for a growing business to drive real savings, with automatic fuel expense track


A few things you
might be asking yourself

The price of fuel is determined by market factors outside of your control, meaning it’s always unpredictable. Fuel cards offer drivers and fleets a buffer against price fluctuations by providing savings at gas stations and truck stops across the country.

Fuel is the highest variable cost for most trucking companies. DAT fuel cards help you save money and increase your bottom line by offering major discounts on fuel along with other great cost-saving benefits. Find the perfect card today with the DAT Fuel Card Referral Program!

DAT fuel cards work all over the country. Simply use the free DAT One mobile app to find out where our fuel cards are accepted.

Yes! Fuel cards can actually increase safety, boosting the security and transparency of your fuel-related expenses. All of our cards record the driver’s ID for every transaction, making it easy to spot fraud or misuse. 

Remember: A fuel card isn’t a blank check for drivers. To prevent overspending, you can set purchase limits based on dollar amount, purchase type, location or time frame.

You can use fuel points to offset the cost of meals, oil, antifreeze and more. You can also let your points accumulate over the year to save up for bigger items like GPS systems, dashboard cameras, specialized maps and more.

Need more tools?

We have even more solutions to help with tracking, bidding and budgeting. Find exactly what you need.

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