Biggest & Best Load Board

Find trucks for every kind of freight
  • Access to 1.3 million trucks in DAT’s super-database
  • More carriers see your loads on DAT
  • Van, reefer, flatbed, and specialty trucks
  • Qualify and bring on new carriers quickly

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load board with rates

from $ 119 mo
$ 179 mo
  • Search and post in real time
  • Filter panel and auto-refresh
  • Demand & capacity by market
  • Carrier monitoring
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$ 279 mo
  • See who searches in each lane
  • Spot/contract rates for 30 days
  • Group collaboration tools
  • Full DAT CarrierWatch
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The Most Trucks

More ways to move freight
  • Trucking's biggest source of capacity
  • Find trucks where you need them
  • Your loads get the most visibility

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The Best Data

Scientific and accurate
  • Point-to-point pricing on 65,000 lanes
  • $60 billion in REAL transactions
  • Averages based on past 7 days

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Most Trusted Marketplace

Find safe, reliable carriers
  • Qualify and onboard carriers faster
  • Monitor insurance and safety rating
  • Read company reviews

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Current Freight Rates

The industry's most reliable rates
  • See rates on 65,000 lanes
  • Based on $60 billion in annual transactions
  • See current and historical rates
  • Compare spot, contract, and intermodal rates

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Contact for Pricing

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The biggest pricing index
  • $60 billion in REAL transactions
  • Based on key market areas and zip codes, not a geographic radius
  • Compare spot and contract rates

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Current market rates
  • Collected immediately, updated daily
  • See average rates based on past 7 days
  • 13-month histories on 65,000 lanes
  • Actionable information

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The industry standard
  • The NASDAQ of the trucking industry
  • Most-cited source for freight trends
  • See where demand is highest, lowest
  • Anticipate changes in price

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Get Full Visibility on Your Loads

Easy and Affordable Load Tracking
  • Reduce time-consuming check calls
  • See location of every load on one screen
  • Affordable monthly subscription with no long-term contract
  • Drivers simply download the free app to their smartphones

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As low as $1 per load
Free Load Tracking Guide

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Give Yourself an Edge With Shippers

Say "yes" to shippers who require load tracking. Give your customers the visibility they want with a simple and affordable tracking solution.

Qualify and Onboard Carriers Fast

Ensure carriers are legal, safe, and trustworthy
  • Check DOT authority, safety ratings, and insurance info
  • Electronic onboarding contracts — no FAX required
  • Receive email alerts when carrier data changes
  • Carriers can onboard from mobile device

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from 149* mo
  • *Included with load board subscription
  • Database of more than 300,000 carriers
  • Authority, safety ratings, insurance
  • Integrates with your TMS
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From $ 50 mo for 50 carriers
  • Electronic signatures - no more faxes
  • Carriers can just use a smartphone
  • Onboard new carriers in minutes
  • Grow your carrier base faster
  • Get Started

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Avoid Unsafe Carriers with DAT CarrierWatch

DAT CarrierWatch offers an extensive database of  more than 200,000 active carriers and more than 100,000 inactive carriers, with the most up-to-date information on authority, safety, and insurance status.

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Bring on New Carriers Faster with DAT OnBoard

DAT OnBoard offers the most streamlined solution for bringing on new carriers and managing documents. No more fax machines, no more paperwork. The whole process can be done electronically, and carriers can onboard from anywhere by using their smartphone.

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Software Designed for Brokers

Move more freight with fewer people
  • Operations and accounting in a single system
  • Eliminates redundant entries--and errors
  • Store, index, and retrieve documents electronically
  • Modules can be added as your business grows

 Learn about DAT Keypoint TMS

dat keypoint broker tms software

from $ 100 /mo
  • TMS built specifically for brokers
  • Operations, accounting, documentation
  • Web-version available for startups
  • Request a Demo

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Transportation Management Software

DAT Keypoint allows you to grow your business without expanding your back office. Designed specifically for freight brokers, the system grows with your business, giving you the option to add functions and modules as you need them.

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Load Tracking Buyer's Guide

Ready to Start Tracking Freight? Load tracking solutions are available from a number of vendors, in a variety of packages, and each has different feature sets and associated costs. Here are some questions to consider.

  • How soon can I start tracking?
  • How often can I check on my load?
  • What's my cost per load?
  • Which features are bundled?

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