RateView Analytics from DAT iQ

Industry-leading freight rate analytics solutions for brokers, shippers, and carriers. Get the most accurate insights into past, present and future market rates.

Confidently navigate market volatility, take control of your network, and effectively move your business in the right direction.

The only 360° view of the entire freight marketplace

Actionable rate insights for smarter strategic planning, risk mitigation, and procurement. Control costs and profitability with data-driven bids, quotes, and negotiations.

Compare spot and contract rates

Relevant insights for brokers, shippers and carriers on any lane, based on the deepest, broadest data in the industry.

Get the most current market insights

Navigate market volatility with the timeliest data available.

See seasonal trends

Analyze rate trends on new lanes, with comprehensive 13-month pricing histories.

Bid and evaluate RFPs with confidence

Add-on forecasting model that’s over 95% accurate on more than 7 million daily predictions.

RateView Analytics from DAT iQ collects data from more than $150 billion in transactions annually to produce market insights on over 68,000 lanes.

RateView Analytics for Brokers

Quote prices for shippers instantly

Rates updated daily, with options to see 3-day, weekly, biweekly, monthly and yearly averages, plus 8-day forecasts.

Protect your margins

Calculate rates, surcharges, and margins faster and easier.

Bid on contracts with confidence

Win long-term business with accurate 52-week forecasts and specialized RFP response tools in the add-on Ratecast feature.

RateView Analytics for Shippers

Navigate volatile freight markets

Stay informed with the latest truckload rates to manage your transportation costs.

Get insights on new lanes

Strategically design your network with confidence using reliable 13-month pricing histories and forecasting.

Strengthen carrier relationships with transparent negotiations

Comprehensive visibility into market trends helps shipper right-size rates and mitigate routing guide failure.

Contextualize network performance

Use benchmarking to identify optimization opportunities with DAT iQ Benchmark.

RateView Analytics for Carriers

Bid on RFPs with confidence

Win long-term contracts with accurate 52-week forecasts and specialized RFP response tools in the add-on Ratecast feature.

Protect your bottom line

See current market rates and calculate surcharges and margins faster and easier.

Anticipate market shifts

Research lane seasonality plus accurate forecasting to anticipate market changes before they happen.

Trendlines Report

National average spot rates
Supply and demand metrics
Van, reefer and flatbed insights
Fuel prices

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A few things you might be asking yourself

We collect invoices from over 1,000 transportation companies, totaling over $150 billion in freight spend in 2022. The process is automated, with invoices sent directly to our database. The data is verified and updated daily. Every market rate reported in RateView Analytics requires a minimum number of submissions so that the prices can not be manipulated, and the algorithms account for outliers.

Over 95% accurate across more than 7 million daily predictions.

The closest to real-time available in the industry, updated daily, giving you the most accurate information to navigate market volatility.

The accuracy of our data is our top priority, so we’ve established rigorous protocols to eliminate the possibility of manipulation. For every lane you search, RateView Analytics shows you how many companies and how many shipments that market rate is based on. The depth and breadth of that data means that no single contributors are able to influence the prices reported on any lane.

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