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Build Your Carrier Network

Find reliable sources of capacity
  • Streamline carrier procurement
  • Improve truckload capacity planning
  • Identify the most qualified carriers
  • Analyze historical demand, capacity, and rates

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Build Your Carrier Base
More ways to move freight
  • Trucking’s biggest source of capacity
  • Fastest way to move exception freight
  • Trucks for every type of load
Make Informed Decisions
The best transportation data
  • Deep insights into capacity trends
  • Database of $110 billion in payments
  • Point-to-point pricing on 68,000 lanes
Most Trusted Marketplace
Find safe, reliable carriers
  • Qualify carriers faster
  • Monitor insurance and safety ratings
  • Read company reviews

Control Transportation Costs

Hone Your Procurement and Budget Strategies with Rate Benchmarking
  • View carriers, lanes, and segments that are underperforming compared to the market 
  • Get a clearer view into network optimization opportunities to focus your RFP efforts
  • Develop and refine budget strategies with insight into spot market premiums 
  • Network with other leading shippers to stay current on market trends and best practices

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Join a Consortium of Leading Shippers with over $20B in Annual Spend

Benchmark Analytics is a subscription-based solution that allows shippers in North America and Europe to contribute anonymous transaction-level data at regular intervals. In return, DAT iQ processes that data and creates detailed reports and dashboards for shippers’ specific distribution networks, providing the necessary information for benchmarking rates by lane, geography, carrier type, industry, and more. Roundtable discussions and network opportunities with other Benchmark Analytics customers help you stay on top of dynamic market conditions.

Qualify and Monitor Carriers

Minimize Risk With DAT CarrierWatch
  • Validate DOT authority, safety, insurance
  • Monitor your regular carriers automatically
  • Get notified of changes in carriers’ status
  • View and print actual insurance certificates
DAT CarrierWatch
From $ 170 /mo *
  • *Included with load board subscription
  • Database of more than 300,000 carriers
  • Authority, safety ratings, insurance
  • Integrates with your TMS

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Avoid Unsafe Carriers

DAT CarrierWatch® offers an extensive database of more than 200,000 active carriers and more than 100,000 inactive ones, with the most up-to-date authority, safety, and insurance status available.

Bring New Carriers on Board Faster

Making your onboarding process 10 times faster
  • The latest in onboarding technology
  • No more handwritten text — carriers fill out online profiles
  • Sign contracts electronically — no more faxes
  • Carriers can complete the whole process from a phone
DAT OnBoard
From $ 50 /mo for 50 carriers
  • Electronic signatures – no more faxes
  • Carriers can just use a smartphone
  • Onboard new carriers in minutes
  • Grow your carrier base faster

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Grow Your Carrier Base Faster

DAT OnBoard offers the most streamlines solution for bringing on new carriers and managing documents. No more fax machines, no more paperwork. The whole process can be managed electronically, and carriers can onboard by just using their smartphone.

Secure Vehicle Assets and Liens

Titling and Registration Experts
  • Manage fleet assets and secure liens
  • Expedite transfers of ownership or domicile
  • Re-title and register with all state agencies
  • Free your staff from tedious paperwork

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Custom Analytics

Get deep insights into spot market capacity and freight rates – the business intelligence you need to make informed decisions.