Solutions for Shippers

Take charge of your transportation network, adding predictability and flexibility to your strategy and operations.

Take uncertainty out of transportation

  •   Cost management
  •   Network design
  •   RFP preparation and evaluation
  •   Performance benchmarking
  •   Routing guide optimization

Need a better way to manage transportation costs?

Compare your freight spend with the broader market using the deepest, broadest and most accurate data in the industry.

Freight spend analysis

Compare your costs to the overall transportation market, with deep insights that are relevant to your business.

Identify cost savings opportunities

Analyse spot premium risks

Enable flexible budget strategies

Want to optimize your transportation network design?

Expand or adjust your supply chain with clear insights into costs and performance.

Network insights

Get comprehensive historical and forecast data on new lanes in your network, plus insights into carriers active on those lanes.

Network cost analysis

Complete freight rates data

Identify new sources of capacity

Want to build a better RFP process?

Save time and money when preparing RFPs and evaluating bids.

Procurement refinement

With comprehensive analytics from DAT iQ, you can prepare RFPs in a fraction of the time and award bids with confidence.

Pinpoint underperforming carriers and lanes

Identify spot premium risks

See historical and forecasted rates

How does your transportation network compare to the market?

Get a single source of truth with our accurate freight analytics.

Executive reports

Our easy-to-use dashboards provide a full view of the freight marketplace, so you can align with leadership and finance.

Compare costs to broader market

Easy reporting for executive stakeholders

Anticipate market shifts

Need help deciding?

Tools from DAT Freight & Analytics help shippers source capacity, build an RFP, assess bids, create a budget and much more.

Need resources? We got you covered.

We have been in the industry since 1978 to bring you the most knowledge and insight to help you find your path.


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