Broker TMS

Grow your business, not your back office, with the transportation management system built specifically for freight brokers.

Streamline your operations in a single integrated system: accounting, load board, tracking, document image and more.
Starts at $100/mo

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Move more freight with fewer people

Broker TMS from DAT One streamlines your operations, eliminating redundant tasks along with tools to boost your profitability

Work smarter and faster

Combine your operations and accounting into a single system to avoid duplicate effort.

Integrated load board tools

Search your internal carrier database or post directly to your load board subscriptions.

Empower your operations

Enter loads, calculate miles, and analyze price and margins with integrated analytics.

Qualify and monitor carriers fast

Verify carriers in minutes and get real-time location updates with add-on tools.

Elevate your Payment Processing

OTR Solutions is now integrated directly into the DAT Broker TMS to help extend your cash flow, accelerate carrier payments, and streamline ACH automation.

Communicate with ease

Data exchange tools let you pass details back and forth with customers easily, with no need to re-type info from shipper.

Full-featured accounting system

Get accounting software that’s tailored specifically for transportation intermediaries

Manage invoices with ease

Accounts Receivable tools allow you to generate, print, track and report on invoices easily.

Streamline your carrier settlements

Operations integrations automatically populates your carrier settlement data, improving efficiency and accuracy.

View finances in real time

See the general ledger with ease, from transportation expenses and revenues to rent and phone bill.

Measure your performance

Generate reports that evaluate the profitability of customers, carriers and employees.

Reduce paperwork and headaches

Easily store and retrieve documents with easy-to-use imaging to digitize your paperwork

Organize documents in no time

Store, label and retrieve any document digitally.

Get insights on new lanes

Add new lanes to your network with ease, with 13-month pricing histories and optional forecasting tools.

Automated billing

Scan all relevant documents (proof of delivery, bill of lading, etc.) and the system extracts the invoices with supporting docs for automatic printing or emailing.

Digitize faxes fast

Turns faxes into electronic documents and automatically attaches them to the right load using barcode recognition.

As your business grows, add more capabilities to Broker TMS.

Load Board, CarrierWatch, Tracking

CRM Sales module


Document management

Rating module

Priority Booking

Load Tracking

LTL consolidation

Outside Agents module

Multi-Modal module

Electronic Data Interchange


A few things you might be asking yourself

There are two different delivery modes, and you can choose the one that best fits your business. You can either have Broker TMS hosted on your own in-house server, you can subscribe to web service for a low monthly subscription.

No, but Broker TMS can integrate your Load Board subscription so that all of your operations are centralized in one location.

Need more tools?

We have even more solutions to help with tracking, bidding and budgeting. Find exactly what you need.

Already using Broker TMS?

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