Priority Booking

Book loads in as little as 30 seconds with automation that fits your business.

Get more out of your private network of business partners to bid, negotiate and book loads at the touch of a button.

Save 1.5 hours per load

Priority Booking tools let brokers & shippers offer loads directly to their private network of carriers with automated tendering.

Make money, not phone calls

Automated booking saves time to focus on more pressing parts of your business.

Automate to fit your needs

You control who sees which loads are offered to your Private Network, with flexible options for automated negotiation.

Build your relationships

Brokers and shippers can give priority access to trusted carrier partners, and carriers can prioritize freight from their most trusted brokers & shippers.

Built-in tracking options

Easily add Tracking to each load for real-time visibility.

Get fully integrated

Integrate Priority Booking tools directing into your TMS.

Plans & Pricing

Priority Booking

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Get real-time visibility on high-value freight

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