Market Update

Imports volumes rise ahead of Chinese New Year

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The second half of 2020 offers clues to where 2021 is heading

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Year-end capacity tightness at record levels—for now.

.One of the themes of the pandemic-driven freight market has been tight capacity… Read More

Container imports spike to record levels in November

The latest monthly release of PIERS import data highlights the extraordinary import growth the freight market has… Read More

2020: A tale of two freight markets

In this volatile 2020 freight market we’ve watched wild fluctuations in freight volumes and rates… Read More

Warehouses at peak capacity struggle with demand

At this stage in the holiday shipping season… Read More

Christmas trees are on the move

Truckload capacity is already tight, but with such a short 35-day shipping season… Read More

Freight volumes are down this year, but it varies by industry

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The fast-moving CPG rollercoaster continues

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Localized capacity constraints create spot market ripple effects

Constraints on trucks and drivers continue to keep spot market truckload rates high… Read More

What to expect in Q4 for freight markets

As retailers get ready for the holiday shopping season… Read More

Truckload supply dictates price in imbalanced freight markets

Historically, increased spot market activity signaled higher overall truckload demand and tighter capacity. Read More