Bid on long-term business and negotiate with confidence using the Ratecast tool in RateView Analytics.

The most reliable freight forecasting model, Ratecast is more than 95% accurate on more than 7 million daily predictions.

The most accurate freight rate forecasts.

With access to the industry's most historically complete pricing database, the Ratecast tool in RateView Analytics accounts for short-term market effects, seasonal impacts and long-term trends.

Bid on RFPs in minutes

See 52-week forecasts on every lane in a shipper’s RFP so you can win long-term business at profitable prices.

Same-day transactions

See 8-day forecasts for quick pricing and scheduling decisions.

Metrics you can trust

Transparent forecasting, with metrics to measure confidence in each prediction.

Fine-tune to your needs

Compare spot rates to contract prices and include your own custom fuel program.

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