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Oct 20

Freight started moving into Florida again last week after Hurricane Matthew put a lot of shipments on hold for a few days. Van load volume and rates rose higher throughout the Southeast, especially on lanes heading into storm-affected areas. Hurricane Matthew and its aftermath hasn’t led to a surge in flatbed rates, or not yet, anyway.

1 Oct 11

Spot market rates were up last week, but volumes fell. Hurricane Matthew likely played a role in both of those factors. Shippers paid more to move freight ahead of the storm, and then load posts dropped when those effected markets locked down at the end of the week.

Oct 07

If you use the DAT Power load board, but have never clicked on the toolbox icon in the upper right-hand corner, you're missing out. Sometimes overlooked by users, the toolbox contains powerful features that can help you find capacity, vet carriers, and learn more about the latest rate trends.

1 Oct 06

New overtime rules set to take effect on Dec. 1 are being challenged on multiple fronts. Recently, 21 states filed a lawsuit in Texas to stop implementation of the new rules, and the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill to delay the rules for six months. Learn how the new rules will affect your business.

Oct 04

The bankruptcy of the world's 7th largest container carrier, Hanjin Shipping, has led to shippers re-adjusting inventories in the past couple of weeks in order to avoid stock-outs as we head into retail season. Those previously unplanned shipments have brought about a surge in demand for trucks in Los Angeles.

1 Sep 30

A truckload carrier has at least three opportunities to use LTLs when they appear on the load board or from a customer. How do you price that LTL freight?

Sep 28

Spot market activity often ramps up in the West during the fall season, but there's added pressure this month. Hanjin Shipping recently filed for bankruptcy, and a number of its ships pulled into port last week, after a lot of delays and uncertainty. That started a ripple effect on the whole supply chain, including truckload freight.

1 Sep 16
There are many trade associations and organizations that represent carriers, but what about freight brokers and 3PLs? Who helps them get started, keeps them informed, and looks out for their interests? There's an organization that has been doing just that for nearly 40 years.

Sep 15

I'd advise shippers not to get complacent about transportation costs. The recent bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping combined with extreme U.S. weather may impact both the spot and contract markets in the next several weeks. Here's what we're seeing.

Sep 12
Volumes and rates got a boost heading into the Labor Day weekend, and those prices mostly held steady last week. Demand was up, but there weren’t many big changes on the top 100 van lanes. The national average for reefers added 1¢, but flatbed rates slipped 3¢. [More]