Load Board Services

Phone: 800-547-5417
Fax: 800-551-8821
Email: Customer Service
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 4 AM-6 PM (Pacific Time)
Sat. 5 AM-Noon


DAT Fleet Services

Phone: 888-888-2100
Fax: 972-878-0747
Email: Customer Service
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-5 PM (Central)


DAT Keypoint® TMS

Phone: 800-728-7305
Fax: 417-869-0415
Email: Customer Service
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-5 PM (Central)


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DAT Solutions, LLC
Box 3801
PO Box 8500
Philadelphia, PA 17178-3801
Phone: 800-547-5417

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Wells Fargo Lockbox Services
Lockbox 3801
3858 Atlanta Ave
Hapeville, GA 30354

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Forms: Report a Bad Player

 Double Brokering: For loads reposted at a higher rate

 No Pay Complaint: Non-payment for work under contract

 Stolen Load: When freight you placed with a carrier has been stolen

 Hostage or Hijacked Load: When freight is being held for payment higher than agreed

 Unethical Posting: Multiple postings for same load; same load with different origins/destinations

 Stolen Identity: When you believe someone is misrepresenting their identity

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