The Most Accurate Freight Rates

DAT RateView is an innovative online tool that puts real-time spot market and current contract freight rates at your fingertips. Rates are based on $24 billion of actual transactions—what brokers and shippers are actually paying carriers. RateView is available either as a standalone cloud-based software service, or as an integrated solution on some load board packages.

Custom reporting and analysis is also available for Enterprise-class businesses.

Benchmarking Yourself Against the Marketplace

RateView gives you access to the most accurate and up-to-date freight rate and demand information to forecast and benchmark your costs, payments and business arrangements against market rates for truckload capacity on lanes throughout North America. Turn data insights from trucking's largest spot marketplace into action. 

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What Are the Truckload Rates in Your Lanes?
  • Compare your rates with actual shippers’ contract rates and spot market (true broker-buy) rates
  • Get today's rates, last week's, and 13-month lane rate histories
  • Discover new opportunities in seasonal trends for vans, flatbeds and reefers
  • Analyze demand and capacity to price lanes competitively in a dynamic market

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Freight Rate Expertise at Your Fingertips

Even if you are an expert in your markets, you can use RateView to analyze and model new freight transportation requirements. For example, if you are expanding into new regions, adding new customers or services, RateView supports your own benchmarks with market-based data. With RateView, you can budget and negotiate with confidence.

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Real Rates. Real Results.

Freight rates compiled
from $24 billion in freight

Rates are based on real
transactions, not factoring
agreements or bids

Spot market averages 
and supply and demand 
information updated daily

The spot market is proven
to track the overall market
for rates and demand

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