Today's Truckload Rates Based on Actual Transactions

When you talk to brokers or shippers, do you know what the market rate is for the lanes where the loads are? When you put hundreds of thousands of miles each year on your trucks, if your average rate per mile is two cents too low, it's a huge hit to your bottom line. That's why having the most accurate freight rate data in the trucking industry matters. With DAT RateView™, carriers gain access to:

  • Real-time truckload rates for lanes throughout North America
  • Freight rates compiled from $33 billion in actual transactions
  • True broker-buy rates updated daily
  • Monthly contract rate averages by lane

Increase Revenue Per Loaded Mile

  • Get suggestions for triangle routing to improve revenue and asset utilization
  • Know where your truck capacity is most valuable with Hot Market Maps
  • Respond to RFPs with bids based on today's rate, 30-day and 13-month lane histories
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