Backhauls with Head Haul Rates

Would you add a stop to your route if it meant potentially boosting your revenue 25%, 35% or even 50%, all while only adding a few miles to your trip? DAT RateView™ automatically suggests TriHaul™ (triangle) routes that improve your average rate per loaded mile and total revenue. For example, if you run from Chicago to Dallas, RateView might suggest you look for loads that take you through Oklahoma City. The extra leg adds only 77 miles, but generally pays more than a Chicago-Dallas trip.

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Analyze Profit-Building Options

RateView's automatic TriHaul suggestions provide:

  • Up to five possible TriHaul routes
  • Total miles of TriHaul vs. backhaul
  • Per-mile rates of TriHaul vs. backhaul
  • Potential for additional revenue from TriHaul route

It all appears in your search results screen in RateView or as an integrated solution in some load board packages.

Choose Your Route:

Total Miles: 1,856
Total Pay: $3,109

Or TriHaul?
Chicago-Dallas-OK City
Total Miles: 1,933
Total Pay: $3,833

Total Miles: 77
Total Pay: $774

More Examples