Pinpoint Your Rate Forecasts and Capacity Planning

How do your carriers' freight rates compare with the market? Will you have enough capacity? DAT RateView offers transportation professionals unparalleled data on capacity acquisition costs against the market. RateView helps you forecast capacity and freight costs to optimize your supply network. 

RateView gives shippers actionable freight data and real-time spot market truckload rates and shippers' contract rates compiled from $33 billion of transacted shipment data annually.

Take Action With Current Demand and Capacity Insights

  • Improve demand forecasts with current and historical capacity data
  • Avoid capacity shortfalls with lane by lane research
  • See where capacity is in real-time to take smarter pricing actions
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RateView Features Include:

  • View rates for the past 7- or 15-day period in popular lanes
  • Get 13-month historic rate data for thousands of lanes
  • Track rate trends lane by lane to predict and adjust for seasonal changes
  • See load-to-truck ratios on specific lanes based on rolling 30-day averages

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Benchmark your freight rates against $33 billion in actual transactions

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